Jack Eeston a.k.a. "Wheezer"

Path: Smart Hero, Advanced Class: Techie


Str: 13, Int: 18, Wis: 12, Dex: 13, Con: 10, Chr: 15

Age: 21 years, Gender: Male, Height: 5’ 11",
Weight: 145 lbs, Hair: Dirty Blond, Eyes: Steel Grey

Profession: Programmer/Web Guru
Wealth Factor: 9

Favored Weapons: 8mm Glock 17, and a wooden baseball bat w/ iron spikes called “facelifter”


Persona Quirks: If he’s awake, he almost always has a lit cigarette in his mouth (chain smoker). He is overly foul-mouthed, and is a pervert with a tendency towards younger girls (16-18). He is also a “self-professed” Zen Buddhist.

Character trade marks phrases include misquoting countless Zen mantras ( Example: ‘If you see Buddha on the road, shoot the fucker in the head.’ )

Wheezer is the handle Jack goes by online, and it is his functioning hacker alias. After the outbreak, he only introduces himself by that name, and closely guards his real name from those he meets.

His most recent home was an upstairs apartment above an antique store in downtown Hopkinsville, Kentucky that is accessible only by a makeshift stairwell converted from a fire escape.

Character Theme Song: Avenged Seven Fold ~ Bat Country

Wheezer's Typical Garb

Brown leather duster (trench coat), button-up grey silk dress shirt (untucked), heavily worn cargo pants, black wool-knit beanie, round sunglasses, studded leather belt, combat boots, backpack, gun vest (beneath duster).

1965 Kawasaki W1 Motorcycle

Engine: 650 (624cc) 4-Stroke OHV Vertical Twin-Cylinder
Chasis: Meguro Designed Tube-Frame
Top Speed: 125m/h (200km/h)
Features: Single-Disc Front Breaks & CDI Ignition

Jack Eeston a.k.a. "Wheezer"

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