All that was.

Game Session #1
January 7th, 2011

The night of the comet started ordinarily enough, The city of Hopkinsville Kentucky was throwing a small city carnival/sky watching party in the central square.
Brothers Grahm and Cletus Yemens were busy setting up their hotdog cart(a front for their drug operation), when their friend and longtime customer Weezer stopped by to make a purchase.Transaction completed, smalltalk done, and a few cigarettes chainsmoked Wheezer melted into the crowd in search of a little female company.
Dr. Gabriel Alexander was on his way home from another stressful day at the local pharmacy he managed, when he ran into the roadblock set up by the city police to protect the revelers from traffic.Pulling into the library parkinglot Gabriel decided that instead of taking the long way around he would join in the festivities to relax up from his long day of work.


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